Theories That Explains The End of The Universe

The universe is amazing, scary, and full of mysteries. I often think that everything available in the universe and out of the universe will die one day, even the universe itself will die one day. But don’t worry scientists have estimated that the universe won’t end for at least 2.8 billion years.

What you see today is only 4 percent of the universe and the remaining 96% is made up of mysterious objects, such as dark matter and dark energy.

The theories that explain the end of the universe will make you think about them. The theories that won’t let you sleep at night.

So, let’s talk about some of these theories

The Big Freeze Theory

As we all know the universe expanding faster and faster. If this expansion continues, a situation will come where everything in this universe will be very far from each other. The heat and light-emitting objects in space such as nebulae and stars will be very far from each other. So, gravity will unable to make new stars.

Because of the lack of stars and light, the universe will get darker and colder. eventually, the universe will come at a temperature of absolute zero and will become unable to sustain life.

This theory Is also known as ‘the heat death’ or ‘the big chill’

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The Big Rip Theory

As we know that the expansion of the universe can cause the big freeze, here the reasons are the same but the results are different. Something called dark energy is causing the expansion of the universe. You can consider it as the opposite of gravity.

When the universe expands the dark energy transforms into phantom energy. And if the production of the phantom energy gets faster than the expansion of the universe. The big rip will happen.

Think of it like a water balloon, the water is filling the balloon up too fast, eventually, the balloon will burst. But in the big rip theory, it’s not just a balloon, it’s the entire universe.

If a big rip happens, every molecule, even the subatomic particle of your body will be torn apart. Mmm, I think I’ve seen this situation before. Yes, you are right, it would be like the people who get disappear in the avengers infinity war. Everything in the universe will be torn apart, including space-time itself.

The Big Crunch Theory

You’ve heard about the big bang, it was a massive explosion that started our universe, and also from where the universe started expanding.

The big crunch is the opposite of the big bang, where all the matter in-universe will start collapsing. The whole universe will be absorbed into a single point, with extremely high energy, heat, and density. And the whole universe became a single point.

The Big Bounce Theory

The big bounce theory is the mixture of the big bang and the big crunch theory, it is a hypothetical scientific model of the formation of the universe. Where a big bang occurs and the universe starts expanding, and after several billion years it starts collapsing and the whole universe becomes a single point with extremely high energy, heat, and density(the big crunch).

Then again a big bang occurs, the universe starts expanding and collapsing, it repeats, which means the universe is bouncing. So you can say it as a universal cycle, or big bang cycle

The above-shown theories explain, that how the universe will die. The universe itself is a mystery, unknown, unpredictable, unimaginable.

I hope you guys like this article (end of the universe) and now if you have any type of question, query, or any type of suggestions then Plz let me know in the comments section below or on our ask question page

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